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Why Buy Customer Returns?

Returned merchandise is called “returns” for the obvious reason. It has been returned. In order for it to be returned, it must have been sold. If it was once sold, there must have been a desire (Demand) for the product. … Continued

Air Compressor Manufacturer Liquidation

Brand New, Closeout Air Compressors & Accessories After viewing our new website and learning of the many services we offer, AML was contacted by a well known distributor of industrial grade tools and equipment. They decided to discontinue their line … Continued

AML Named Exclusive Liquidator for Tool Distributor

You wanted more Tools and now we have them! For about seven years AML has liquidated hundreds of truckloads of tools for a major tools by mail company. The truckloads are filled with a variety of mail customer returns and … Continued

How to Cut Freight Costs by 50%

It only takes one trip to the fueling station to realize how much gasoline and diesel fuel has risen in recent days. There seems to be no end to the spiraling costs associated with shipping merchandise. Freight rates are at … Continued

How to Estimate Potential Profits Before Buying Customer Returns

For Illustration Only: We do not offer investment advice. General Merchandise In the liquidation industry, we refer to mixed assortments as “General Merchandise.” When you walk into a big box store like Wal Mart , K- mart, or Mijer,  you … Continued

Nine Keys to Retail Business Success

Master these key areas of business and you will be a success. 1. Plan Your Objectives The importance of a well-thought-out business plan can’t be stressed enough. Without a plan you’re taking a long trip down an unknown road without … Continued