Buying Tips

How to see past the “bad” merchandise on a Liquidation Truckload?

Over the past 25+ years, we have seen just about every type of load imaginable. We have seen tool truckloads, general merchandise truckloads, domestics truckloads and more! Perhaps more importantly than that, we have seen all of these liquidation truckloads … Continued

How to Choose The Right Truckload of Customer Returns

AML HowtoChoosetheRightLoad   FREE Report  Click to open this 4 page PDF Learn 7 Questions that you should ask,  before buying a truckload of customer returns.        

In business, you make money when you spend it!

Is it possible to make money when you spend it?  Purchasing decisions are tough! They always have been and they always will be. But somebody has to make those decisions. Somebody has to take the time to evaluate an offer … Continued

The Right Tool & Equipment Load = Big Profits!

  Have you ever noticed that whatever City you live in, you are usually only a short drive away from a Home Improvement store? Do you know why this is? These Huge Home Improvement stores know that now more than … Continued

Seeing Value Where Others See Trash

The Liquidation industry is an extremely dynamic and unique industry – holding literally Millions of dollars in profit for those who are savvy enough to see it! Have you ever wondered what happens to all of that merchandise that gets … Continued

Adding Variety to Your Resale Store

With such rapid changes in demand in today’s market, it’s important to have variety in your resale store. We know that it’s often hard to find pallets that have variety but share somewhat of a theme. That’s why our latest … Continued

Concentrated Value – The Best Way To Start Your Business!

If you are considering starting a liquidation business, the first thing that you are going to need is a source for merchandise. This is the point where you are looking for the most “bang” for your dollar! Another way to … Continued

What Exactly IS Dot Com Merchandise?

Dot Com Merchandise is exactly what it sounds like – goods that were originally sold online! It’s returns, clearance and overstock merchandise from any number of online retailers. While Dot Com Merchandise is considered Return/Liquidation product, there are a few … Continued

Fuel Based Shipping: A Non-Weighty Deal for Mom and Pop

At AML, we know how important family is, because we treat our customers like our own. AML works every day to give your business the best deal possible, so you can keep your family-run Mom and Pop store in the … Continued

Bulk Loads: Are You in the Mood for a Mystery?

On a dark and stormy night in a far away warehouse, a large shipment was delivered. This shipment lacked a manifest and was much larger than the factory owner’s usual shipments. Was it a wild animal? Possibly a message from … Continued

7′ Tall Monster GM Pallets! Huge Wholesale Values!

7 FOOT TALL “MONSTER” PALLETS! Gorgeous General Merchandise Pallets, Huge Wholesale, Averaging 7′ Tall, And Only $777 BUY LTL LOTS OR BY THE PALLET! These Incredible New General Merchandise Pallets are tightly packed with prime, quality, clean Customer Returns, averaging … Continued

The Holidays Are Here – Are You Prepared?

Are You Prepared For The Holiday Season? The Season For Big Sellers Is Here, Do You Have The Product You Need? There Are Only 15 Days Until Black Friday! There Are Only 40 Days Until Christmas! ‘Tis The Shopping Season! … Continued