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Why Buy Customer Returns?

Returned merchandise is called “returns” for the obvious reason. It has been returned. In order for it to be returned, it must have been sold. If it was once sold, there must have been a desire (Demand) for the product. Odds are, the product will sell again if it’s in good shape and the price is right. How often have you returned perfectly good items to a store? “Dad already had one.” “Sister didn’t like the color.” “It wouldn’t fit.” Maybe the customer simply needed the money back. Large retail stores value their customers. Many stores take returns with no questions asked.

Teams of buyers at your service

As a buyer of liquidated merchandise, AML brings diverse mixes to you. Large retail companies have teams of expert buyers who search the world for products they feel are needed by their customers. These buyers are focused on finding the right merchandise at the right price. They research competing brands and perform studies at great expense. The knowledge they amass results in higher profits for their company. Regardless of their efficiencies and expertise in buying the best products, their stores will always face issues with customer returns.

More often stores never put the returned items back on the shelf. They send the returns to the salvage department to be disposed through the system. It doesn’t make since for them to invest the time and effort to restock the item. To maximum profits, merchandise must flow in and out. Disruptions in the chain of events increase expenses.

The opportunity

The returned items are routed to central returns facilities where everything is accounted for.  The retail companies recover a portion of their capital and their warehouses are relieved for new product to come in. AML then distributes the goods through special channels outside of the marketing area of the originating stores. This returned merchandise is available to resellers by the truckload and by the pallet at pennies on the original cost.

There is a list on this website describing the availability of assorted truckloads Hot List. Single pallets are available to view at www.palletbid.com