Furniture Liquidation & more

Discount Furniture Liquidation         AML (American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc.)  is entering into 2019 with an exciting lineup of merchandise for resell. It’s Furniture Liquidation time. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we were offered an amazing … Continued

Make More Money While Freight Costs Soar

     Ending the first quarter of 2018, most of us are happy that the economy has rebounded and our stocks and investments are now stronger than years past. It’s great to see more people working in new jobs that … Continued

Why “Warehouse Scratch & Dent” Merchandise is a smart investment

Our industry is replete with defining terminology that is supposed to make it easier for people in the off-price / liquidation business to understand and purchase merchandise for resell. Probably the more common terms that you will hear include “Clearance” … Continued

Liquidation Company AML / Celebrating 25th Year

AML has been a leading provider of liquidation Merchandise to resellers for 25 years now. American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc. We supply most markets in the business of reselling distressed merchandise. In order that our soon-to-be valued customers can find us … Continued

Are Non-Manifested truckloads the right loads for me?

Distraction is the nemesis of focus! It’s easy to get distracted when trying to determine the proper load type for your business. Some say “Manifested loads are the only way to go.” While others contend non-manifested loads make more sense. … Continued

Multi-Category MANIFESTED GM Truckloads – Better Than Ever!

If you are in the market for a truckload of mixed general merchandise, we may have found the perfect truckload! We are currently getting manifested truckloads from a major retail chain that are among the best loads we have ever … Continued

Live Dealer Auction for Wholesale Liquidation Merchandise

Gearing Up for Live Dealer Auctions        For years many of our wholesale customers have asked why AML is not having live dealer auctions. It seems that they were traveling to far away areas to attend various dealer … Continued

Rising Popularity of Liquidation Stores

      All companies that retail merchandise will generate unwanted inventory from time to time. This inventory is considered distressed and must be removed to make way for the newer incoming stock. American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc. is a liquidation … Continued

How to Choose The Right Truckload of Customer Returns

AML HowtoChoosetheRightLoad   FREE Report  Click to open this 4 page PDF Learn 7 Questions that you should ask,  before buying a truckload of customer returns.        

Why Do Customer Returns Fly Off The Shelf?

       It seems that customer returns are flying off the shelf. Savvy shoppers can’t get enough. Why would someone buy items that were once returned? Where is the value?         To qualify as a return, … Continued

Customer Returns, How to estimate profits before Buying a Truckload

The first question asked by individuals entering the liquidated merchandise business is often, “How much will I make on a load?” While we would love to give you a concrete answer, there are simply too many variables to consider when … Continued

Not Just a Truckload but, “The Right Truckload for You!

         American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc. (AML) specializes in mixed Truckload assortments of quality customer returns from national retail and DotCom companies. AML account specialists are trained to ask the right questions to match customers with “The Right … Continued