Flea Market Sales

How to Choose The Right Truckload of Customer Returns

AML HowtoChoosetheRightLoad   FREE Report  Click to open this 4 page PDF Learn 7 Questions that you should ask,  before buying a truckload of customer returns.        

In business, you make money when you spend it!

Is it possible to make money when you spend it?  Purchasing decisions are tough! They always have been and they always will be. But somebody has to make those decisions. Somebody has to take the time to evaluate an offer … Continued

The Right Tool & Equipment Load = Big Profits!

  Have you ever noticed that whatever City you live in, you are usually only a short drive away from a Home Improvement store? Do you know why this is? These Huge Home Improvement stores know that now more than … Continued

Seeing Value Where Others See Trash

The Liquidation industry is an extremely dynamic and unique industry – holding literally Millions of dollars in profit for those who are savvy enough to see it! Have you ever wondered what happens to all of that merchandise that gets … Continued

Adding Variety to Your Resale Store

With such rapid changes in demand in today’s market, it’s important to have variety in your resale store. We know that it’s often hard to find pallets that have variety but share somewhat of a theme. That’s why our latest … Continued

New, Clearance, Overstock, & Refurbished Merchandise

Limited Time – Limited Quantity – Special Offers Incredible Offers On New, Clearance, Overstock, & Refurbished Merchandise! Index Description Condition Quantity Price Per Piece A. Fluid Qt. Pumps Clearance 840 $0.95 B. Heavy Duty Filters w/ Goggles Clearance 450 $0.95 … Continued

Make Money Selling at Flea Markets

The current economy is causing individuals to become creative in the way they make a living for their families. And, many are turning to resell opportunities to generate additional income. What better way to do so than by reselling at … Continued