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The Right Tool & Equipment Load = Big Profits!



Have you ever noticed that whatever City you live in, you are usually only a short drive away from a Home Improvement store? Do you know why this is? These Huge Home Improvement stores know that now more than ever, people are working on their homes and landscaping on their own. The cost of contracting out repairs and improvements has gone through the roof – which is why it should probably be repaired too! People have learned how to find educational videos online that show step by step how to do the most common household repairs. They then make a mad dash to the local Home Improvement store to get the supplies and/or tools that they need to get the job done.

Obviously, people are much more cost conscious than they have ever been before.   Many off-price retail stores have discovered this trend and are now making sure their stores are stocked with all kinds of hand tools, pneumatic (air) tools and power tools, as well as things like compressors and generators, so that they can offer the exact same types of products as the big box retail Home Improvement stores, but at a fraction of the cost! One important thing to remember about Liquidated Tools and Equipment is that not all loads are the same. Some of the loads that are being peddled these days are full of cheap import tools that are essentially good for one repair job and that’s it! Dealing with a company such as AML Inc. can usually net a much better load. Why? Because a company such as AML Inc. typically will have exclusive contracts in place with major Tool & Equipment Retail & Online stores that are full of Nationally recognized name brands as well as high end private label goods – again, sold for just a very small percentage of the wholesale value.


Getting the RIGHT Tool and Equipment load into your store will add up to huge profits at the register. Your customer base will enjoy purchasing merchandise from you, especially since they are able to get it for far below the retail price!


Before you spend your money on an average Tool & Equipment load, make a few phone calls and do your research. A few extra minutes on the front end could equate to a lot of money at the end of the sales day!