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Seeing Value Where Others See Trash

The Liquidation industry is an extremely dynamic and unique industry – holding literally Millions of dollars in profit for those who are savvy enough to see it! Have you ever wondered what happens to all of that merchandise that gets returned to your local Superstore?   There was a time when all of that merchandise was destroyed – what a waste! Statistically, only about 15% – 25% of the items that customers return to a store are actually defective. That leaves a huge amount of product that still has high market value that, if purchased at the right price, can fetch a nice profit for somebody with an entrepreneurial spirit!


The key to success, should a person decide to venture into this exciting arena, is to learn how to see value where others only see trash. Let me ask you a question – would you be willing to buy a Keurig Coffee maker that retails for $169.00 for $30 if the only thing wrong with it was the packaging? Sure you would! That’s what makes this industry so exciting! Customers interested in bargain shopping are going to find your store, and they will buy lots of things that they would ordinarily not purchase simply because the PRICE IS RIGHT!


Buying and selling Salvage, Liquidated goods such as Customer Returns, Clearance Merchandise, Overstocks and Shelf-pulls requires a keen eye and special attention if maximum profits are going to be realized. You have to be able to see the value in an item where others only see trash. Sometimes products can be repurposed and sold at some kind of price point – that’s certainly better than throwing the item away!


The best Liquidators to work with are those that hold contracts or exclusive agreements with retail chains, online stores or wholesale companies. Not all Liquidators are the same! For every 50 “Liquidation Companies” you can find on the Internet, probably 1 or two are actually legitimate. Make sure you ask whether or not you can visit their wholesale warehouse. The legitimate Liquidators will gladly receive you, while the brokers will make every excuse in the book as to why “now is not a good time.” A true Liquidator will be able to show you everything from Lots to Pallets and Truckloads of merchandise.


You can make a great living or even supplement income by getting involved in the Liquidation Business. American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc. would be happy to show you how!