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Help! You’ve Fallen (from First Encounter Shock Syndrome) and Can’t Get Up!

blog_1Put down the Life Alert: First Encounter Shock Syndrome (FESS) will soon be a thing of the past. You’ve just purchased your first ever salvage/liquidation product – congratulations! Now follow these simple steps to avoid having your first ever salvage/liquidation freak out:

  • Take a step back. Letting yourself get overwhelmed is easy to do, but also easy to avoid. Sort through your purchase to get a handle on what exactly you have on your hands.
  • Group and process your merchandise. You’ll usually find that the load is not nearly as damaged or distressed as it first appeared to be.
  • Sell this new merchandise at a discount for your customer – but a profit for you!

Take a deep breath and dive right in. After processing and “working” the merchandise, we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised with your load and just how much profit it can make you.

Have more questions about FESS? Contact one of our friendly sales representatives today to get more tips and tricks of the trade!

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