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Fuel Based Shipping: A Non-Weighty Deal for Mom and Pop

blog_nonweightydealAt AML, we know how important family is, because we treat our customers like our own. AML works every day to give your business the best deal possible, so you can keep your family-run Mom and Pop store in the black and making money the way it should.

Weight-based shipping offered by other companies can add up on large purchases, but at AML, our shipping charge is based on fuel cost. Charging according to fuel based shipping means you save money on big purchases, especially compact ones.

That’s also why we’re introducing our 48 Pallet General Merchandise Loads. Because these loads can be stacked – and since shipping is not priced by weight – you pay less on shipping and are able to spend those extra dollars elsewhere. Let AML save you money and show you what your Mom and Pop business means to us.

American Merchandise Liquidators (AML) is trusted by companies worldwide to move millions of dollars in distressed merchandise. Founded in 1992, AML is a wholesale supplier of customer returns, closeouts and overstock merchandise from leading department stores, manufacturers, importers and wholesalers. AML specializes in buying and selling general merchandise and clothing in truckload and pallet quantities, at below-wholesale prices, and has one of the largest inventories in the business. Learn more atwww.amlinc.com.