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Customers Are Raving Over this New and Unique Offering

Customer Returns PalletDon’t miss out on our newest product line featuring pallets of general and household merchandise! These come from a medium-sized retail chain in the midwest… and what a variety!


These very nicely packaged pallets typically come with everyday appliances like coffee-makers, fireplace-style heaters, HDTVs, rolling carts, gaming systems, decorative items, small electronics, sporting goods, toys and more!  Occasionally you could find what we call “mystery boxes” on the pallets.  These are normally unmarked boxes that contain a variety of items, sometimes even high-end expensive items!  As one of our customers put it, “It is like buying a giant grab-bag!”

Why sit and wait through an old-time auction all day or sift through junk boxes at a flea market – only to end up with very used and many times “worn-out” merchandise – when you can buy one of our returns pallets quickly and easily and have it shipped right to your house?  These loads could also contain many of the name brands that you are familiar with, such as: Auria, Haier, Adeptus, Oster, Presto, Sterlite, Bunn, Sauder, Step 2, HP, and Emerson.  These pallets are clean looking and appear to have a higher resale value than most liquidation lots.

View on PalletBid.comOne of our recent customers said that she was very happy with her $750 pallet from this load. She had two large HDTVs on her pallet that were good for resale; one of which she has already sold! She said that she would definitely be buying again and hopefully this would help her to increase her retail and online sales. She stated that “in this day and time, more and more people are turning to new ways to find those bargains” and she is thrilled to have found American Merchandise Liquidators and PalletBid.com.

Most of these pallets are in the $450 range – be sure to take a look!