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Not Just a Truckload but, “The Right Truckload for You!

         American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc. (AML) specializes in mixed Truckload assortments of quality customer returns from national retail and DotCom companies. AML account specialists are trained to ask the right questions to match customers with “The Right Truckload.” AML offers exclusive loads that you can only buy from AML however,  AML also offers loads that you can buy elsewhere.  AML is a full service liquidation company offering wide varieties of merchandise by the truckload and pallet. AML is partnered with all of the major returns processors nationwide. AML is a Fast Track Buyer of multiple truckloads of quality customer returns. AML is customer service driven with emphasis on providing The Right Truckload” to the reseller.   

AML offers competitive pricing as a result of  innovations in purchasing.  We all know that it’s only a good deal when the load is “actually shipped, it arrives on time and there is a return on the investment.”   

Buyers have choices. The question is, Who do buyers trust?

AML is reaching out to buyers of all sizes,  offering:

   On Time Freight.  If your load doesn’t ship as we agree at the point of sale, You have the option for an immediate refund. 

   Accurate  Descriptions of the Product

   Service After the Sale

From New York to Boston,  If the trucks were lined in single file and comfortably spaced, AML has sold an estimated 200 miles of Truckloads. AML has the experience to deliver your load,  On Time!

www.amlinc.com  (251) 970.1100