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AML Announces New Xpress Buyers Group

AML Xpress Buyers Group

Strength in Numbers


AML has a new partnership with access to what we feel are the cleanest customer returns loads available.


As with all of the product lines we offer, we test the loads in our facility for value and consistency. We also make frequent visits to the floor where the pallets are being created. We found these mixed general merchandise assortments to contain the higher value items that seem to be missing in similar returns loads today. This is important information for profit-minded resellers.

After our first visit to see and learn about this new program, we purchased 9 truckloads to test, (within the first two days). We have sold many truckloads since then with high reviews and repeat purchases.  

Higher Profits:

High Value loads mean better shelf goods that build traffic flow to your store. Greater traffic translates into higher profits. The success of our buying partners and customers is very important to the success of AML and to the professional individuals who work here.


With that said,  we feel that it will be wise for us to contract to buy as many of these high value loads as we can feasibly consume. We are reaching out to all resellers who have had past successes with AML in our 22 year history.


If you are interested in making a commitment to purchase a defined volume of this product per month, we want to commit to bring the best pricing and value to you. Commitments range from Multiple Truckloads to a ½ Load per month (6 Loads per year). The larger the volume of your commitment, the larger your discount will be for the merchandise.


We will take your commitment along with others to negotiate the best purchase pricing and more importantly the access to the top priority of the merchandise. We will bring this value to you at the lowest possible fair price. Our Goal is to control 300 Loads per month. The current price with no commitment is approx $7,500, not including freight. Every load is different. Each load is represented to contain from $60,000 to $70,000 in last retail value. Pallet quantities vary pending the sizes of the products onboard. The waste factor is represented to be 20%. In reality, we are finding a lower percentage of waste.   

Your commitment will secure Top Priority with AML, for access to this high value product line. The market price will be determined by our negotiations.

Level A    10 Truckloads per Month                             Level D      6 Truckloads per Year  

Level B      5 Truckloads per Month                             

Level C      1-3  Truckloads per Month


Deposits:  As in most cases, distressed merchandise purchases plus the freight, are payable prior to shipping the load. AML pays in advance as well. A commitment for any level listed above, may require a deposit equal to the cost of one load plus freight.  


We welcome your input at all Levels. We have found, through the years, that verbal commitments with honorable business people, outweigh written contracts. AML has bought and sold $Millions in distressed merchandise through simple verbal arrangements.  Call us Today!     251.970.1100

Priority will be given in order to your response to this offer.  Test Loads are available if you would like to order now, prior to discounting.

We appreciate your business!

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