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Are non-manifested truckloads the right loads for me?

Distraction is the nemesis of focus! It’s easy to get distracted when trying to determine the proper load type for your business. Some say “Manifested loads are the only way to go.” While others contend non-manifested loads make more sense. The key word here is “focus” – you must focus on your demographic, on your store location, the type of business model you are using, etc.  Non-manifested truckloads make a lot of sense to those customers who are servicing clientele that are solely concerned with getting the best price. A non-manifested truckload will typically cost less as far as a price-per-piece is concerned, while manifested truckloads may cost a bit more. The advantage to a manifested load is clear though – you get to see what you are buying before the load ships. 

What we have found over the years is that most of our customers buy a little bit of both. A mixed category general merchandise truckload that is non-manifested can yield a lot of bang for the buck! Normally, the percentage of damage or throwaway on a load like this is between 15% and 25%.

What type of truckload would work best for you? Focus on the involvement you will have once your load arrives in your warehouse. Manifests certainly do make processing easier! Most salvage buyers notice a lack of consistency in the area of pricing when they are processing a non-manifested load. Granted, you will pay more for a manifested load, but you will be able process the load quickly while maintaining consistency with your pricing structure.

Don’t get distracted by what everybody else is telling you about your product purchases. Focus on your customer base, on your location, on your business model – and then make the best decision you can for your business!