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I bought a couple [customer returns] loads last year in 2011 at 26.5% and I did okay but this year 2012 I bought the same load but the price is now only 21% of the wholesale cost and I easily doubled what I paid even after overhead. I will be buying approx. 1 of these loads every month or so. The best thing is are only in 5 states so nobody around here (Missouri) has anything like it so it's flying off the shelves!!

— John B.

Love the way you guys do business. Surely I'll be back. Thanks

— Frankie B.

We have bought liquidation merchandise from several vendors, but always problematic. These guys and Phil in particular have been great to deal with and are a huge asset to our business. Fast shipping, good products and better than average prices on full loads. Thanks a lot!

— Anonymous

Hi, I just wanted to write and let you know how pleased we are with this pallet of shoes. Thanks to you and your company for making our business possible with great products at a great price. Have a great weekend.

— David

I've been in the secondary market for three years now and have had marginal success. Marginal because in this business, I am usually buying blind. Sending off money and hoping for the best in return. A lot of sites advertise being "number one liquidators in the country" and so on. But if you keep an eye on their websites, the pictures never change. i've seen some sites where the pictures have dates that are 4, 5, and 6 years old. its not easy finding an honest site with honest people in this business. there is a lot of trial and error and a lot of wasted money. When I started looking at AML, I said to myself this cant be; it sounds too good to be true. The pictures of merchandise actually change. On the apparel side of AML the prices were so low, I figured they would all be defects and seconds. I wanted to go see for myself if it were true, but could not get the time. But hey, I was already buying blind, and had been ripped off more than once. This was actually my last shot. I was getting tired of the dishonesty and dog eat dog in this business. I ordered a small lot of the clothing and called it a "hail mary". One last time. What I received was a breath of relief: clothing that i could actually resell at a profit!!

— Gregory

We would like to commend you for your outstanding and excellent customer service when we came to visit your warehouse. We enjoyed this visit immensely and would like to say, compared to the many warehouses we've visited, yours is now at the top of our list. You were very courteous and took time out to answer all our questions. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Keep up the good work.

— Curtis T.

We want to say thank you for your excellent customer service today. We really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with us and to be of service to us. We look forward to doing business with you again soon. We have a major Community wide program coming up in January and would like to work on getting a truckload before that time. I will be in touch very soon.

— Curtis T.

I purchased two pallets of merchandise to have a yard sale. The yard sale was a benefit for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and was a huge success. I TRIPLED my money from the purchase of the pallets and found the majority of the items to be in excellent condition. The staff was also very professional and courteous. I will definitely continue to do business with AML and highly recommend them.

— Clint W.

Sorry I didn't email you sooner. We've been busy, we had to make extra shelves. We had a problem this weekend, we couldn't keep the shelves stocked enough, good problem! We are so excited about this, it's great!! Thank you for inviting us to the warehouse. I've been looking for a year for a good company. Some of the other closeout companies I've spoke with are not willing to help, no one has ever invited us check them out before! I've even been hung up on trying to get information from other companies.

— Kim T.

Just emaling you to let you know that we received all 5 boxes last week and I LOVE all of what you sent. I am so excited to start selling it. I am starting today. thanks again for such great service.

— Rocio B.

I would like to thank you for always taking the time to answer any questions I may have. All the product that I have bought from you; it has been exactly what you said it was going to be. I have bought several loads from AML, and will buy more. You couldn't ask for a better company or representatives. Thanks again!

— John A.

As a repeat customer of AML, I can attest to the fact that AML is dedicated to providing quality merchandise at an affordable price. My representative at AML has an unwavering commitment to working with her customers on an individual basis to help them meet their business goals. Repeatedly, she has provided up-to-date information on merchandise availability, allowing me to make an informed purchase. Once the purchase in complete, she follows through with shipping information, even calling to make sure the merchandise was received as stated. There are no surprises or unanswered phone calls. It is reassuring to know that when I call AML, I will hear a familiar voice and receive great service time after time. I have achieved the best possible outcomes at AML and am grateful to do business with a company with such a high level of conduct. It is without reservation that I highly recommend AML.

— Debbie

If I have not thanked you previously; I am now because you always think of the customer and our needs and wants. Your professionalism, customer service, and communication skills are top-notch. Thank you for helping my sales increase. I appreciate your dedication!

— Ellen N.

I almost forgot to e-mail you... I'm sorry! We received our shipment on Friday and we have been so busy with our new "toys"! We love it! Lots of good stuff! We've already sold one of the items and shipped it out today! All is well -- we will contact you when we are ready to take on more... Thanks again!

— Colette R.

Just a quick message to thank you and your staff for the fantastic customer service. You have been very, very helpful; taking the time to work with me, answer all my questions, and actually care about if I was understanding it and was going to be successful. Quality customer service is hard to find these days... your company is oooozing it from every department. Thanks again.

— Jon E.

We received the lot... I was able to go through a lot of it -- GREAT STUFF!!!!!! Thank you so much..... I think I will do quite well with this lot. Please always keep me posted when you are getting lots that you think are good -- I certainly trust your judgement!

— Carol

I have been purchasing lots of clothing from AML for the past two years. Each time has been a pleasant experience for me. I am never in a position to invest a lot of cash at one time and love the fact that I am able to buy in smaller lots. The quality of the items I receive are excellent and I have never had a problem selling the merchandise. You do an excellent job of informing me of great deals and handling my account well. You have replied to my requests promptly and are always happy to answer my questions. Thank you!

— Karla S.

I just wanted to drop you an e-mail to let you know how pleased I have been with the products and service that I have received from your company. It is a pleasure doing business with professional, dependable, and honest sales reps. My sales have doubled since I have been ordering from your company. I've also been encouraged to try new categories that have been great profit makers. The quality of the products I am sent from your company has truly set me apart from others in the area. For all your great customer service I thank you!

— Brenda D.

I have been buying customer return loads for nearly 5 years. Through that time i have bought from several different companies and none of them compare to AML from a quality aspect or customer service aspect. I would and have reccomended AML to anyone interested in buying these loads. Special thanks to Sales Rep Tim Crabtree for his support though the years.

— Lee B.

Just a note to let you know that I have been buying from AML since about Feb 2011. I have been treated extremely well and catered to every way possible.My sons and I have always dealt with Tim Crabtree since we became customers and really appreciate the service we have received. The product is good and the service has been great. We started out very small flea market style and now have a store front and Ebay business that is doing very well. Thanks AML and Tim.

— Dwight V.

AML is without a doubt the most polite, professional, and patient company I have ever worked with. There are a lot of liquidation companies out there to chose from, but If you want great loads, and outstanding customer service, AML is one of the best. Tim Crabtree is without a doubt the most amazing person I have every worked with. If you are wanting someone to work with you to find the load that suits you and your business , Tim will work with you and for you to find the very best load for you. Thanks Tim for everything you have done for me. I look forward to doing a lot of business with you in the very near future.

— James S.

I myself have never bought their book, but I have bought many truckloads from American Merchandise Liquidators Out of Foley ,Al.

I must say, this has been a very reputable company to me. Buying truckloads of Customer Returns can be taking a risk no matter What Company you buy from. They were the first company I bought from. They delivered What they promised, and that made me a believer in their company. Only one load that I bought from Phil at their company was somewhat bad, and after a phone call to him, he asked for photos, Which we sent him of the shipment We received. He told me I can't do anything about this load, but if you buy again I will make it right with you...and he did! And this made me buy many more loads from him.

I would Highly Recommend this Company if you're looking to buy Truckloads of Customer Returns...Talk to Phil, he will take care of you, tell him I recommended him!

— Jim

Was very impressed with this load. Very clean. It was a little bulkier than I like , but very clean! [...] If you have anymore [E2IN] loads or something comparable please send me the manifest.

— Jimmy

Phillip, so many times in this business I’ve been screwed. I thought it necessary to give you a call to let you know that I am very pleased with the last load from you and I am very happy you described it as you did. I will definitely be interested in more in the future. Give me a call when you get a chance. Joe, PA 3/30/15

--- Joe

Only been through about 8 pallets but looks like another AWESOME load of returns! Than you very much!

--- Anthony, B

"We have been working with Tim Crabtree at AML for many years and love the superb customer service, quality products and swift delivery time. I would highly recommend ordering product from AML, as they are a reliable company with professional staff who do right by us and help us make money at our Store!" (5-1-2015)

--- Caitlin

In a industry that is full of "We have the Cleanest Loads", Non Cherry Picked Loads", scary customer reviews and stories of bad experience after bad experience. Needless to say buying truckloads is not for the faint of heart. In January I bought my first load from AML. Upon arrival, I was pleasantly surprised with quality of the merchandise. The loads have been so good that now I buy several loads a month. Some are of course are better than others, but they have all been profitable. Tim has been a rockstar, always upfront, and working for me to get the best price and get my deliveries to me fast. Thanks Tim! AML is my only recommendation for buy liquidated merchandise.

--- Chris

Dear Corrine, Your warm welcome was greatly appreciated! I hope we are able to conduct business for a very long time!


"This was my first time buying a truck load and so I drove down to Foley and met with Phil in sales. Phil showed me a similar load to what I was thinking of purchasing. I was amazed and very pleased with the load demonstration and decided immediately to purchase a similar load. After payment was made, the magic began. Within 6 hours I was contacted by the shipping broker and my load was delivered the following morning. I am excited about the load and am looking forward to putting it to work."

Brian P