In the liquidation business, quantity is king!  That’s how American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc. is able to offer our resellers below industry pricing.  We buy in incredibly large volumes and allow our customers to buy smaller quantities, right down to the pallet, if desired.

Your Source for Wholesale Liquidation by the Truckload

Some of our customers choose to buy from AML by the truckload.  Our truckload trailers vary in length from 40 feet to 53 feet and hold an equivalent of 22 to 24 pallets in total.  While this amount of merchandise does require a lot of warehouse space it is, by far, the greatest value in terms of quantity vs. pricing.

All of our categories, including shelf pulls,  catalog & customer returns, dotcom returns, overstocks, and salvage are all available by the truckload!  In addition, when you purchase a truckload of inventory from AML, you’ll pay less per piece than the same merchandise in pallet quantities, resulting in more profits for your business.

An important note to remember is that there are two basic types of salvage loads generally available in the liquidation industry, manifested truckloads and non-manifested (bulk) truckloads. Manifested truckloads come with a detailed, although not exact, list of the items on the load. This list typically contains the product UPC code, a description of the items, the quantity and the wholesale or retail value. Manifested truckloads generally cost a bit more, but are easier to process, thus saving money on the processing cycle.  Non-manifested loads are sold as “bulk” product and do not contain a list of the items that are on the truck. The advantage here is that you will normally pay a lower price point for the merchandise. Most off-price stores rotate between manifested and non-manifested truckloads.


As you gain experience with AML’s different categories of merchandise, you’ll be able to better gauge the general items contained within a truckload simply by knowing the source of the inventory.  Typically, each respective company’s return loads will include similar items every time you order.

Many customers have expressed frustration with other liquidator’s order turnaround times.  American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc. ships truckloads directly, within 1 – 4 days of payment, depending on the time of the year.  And, as a side note, it’s not at all uncommon for us to ship the same day we receive payment.  How’s that for customer satisfaction?

When purchasing by the truckload from AML, you can rest assured that your shipment is secure.  At the point of origin, we place a seal on the trailer door to insure that your shipment’s doors haven’t been opened and that your load hasn’t been tampered with.  If you find that your seal is NOT intact when you receive your shipment, you’ll know there’s a problem and to refuse the shipment.  We reduce your risk of theft, guaranteeing you receive every item you pay for.

With American Merchandise Liquidators Inc. , we take the guesswork and uncertainty out of buying by the truckload.  We put your mind at ease and allow you to focus on what you do best: reselling liquidation items and building your business!

First Time Buyer or Pro, We Can Help You!


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