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At American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc., we specialize in high-quality liquidation items to help increase your bottom line as a reseller. While our liquidations fall under various categories, no category seems to be as sought after as shelf pulls. In short, our shelf pulls are overstocks and surplus inventories from various companies, etailers and big-box retail stores who’ve decided to clear their shelves and make room for more merchandise! While shelf pulls are an opportunity for companies to clear their shelves, they are an even a greater opportunity for you to acquire top-end merchandise without clearing your bank account.

Since most companies and big-box retailers clear their shelves all at once, shelf pulls tend to be sold in large lots. While, some may feel that’s a negative- we certainly don’t! We feel, the more items in a shelf pull load, the better the chance for more profits for our resellers!

There are a few things resellers should bear in mind when purchasing a shelf-pull lot. Firstly, remember why they’re called shelf-pulls- the merchandise has been sitting in their inventory and on their shelves for an unspecified period of time. That could mean a couple of different things: perhaps there was no real market for the items or perhaps the company or big box retailer over-estimated the quantity they would sell in a specific period of time. If the products didn’t sell for a reason, you may never know that fact or even why until you receive the merchandise. And, if a company or big box retailer had a problem selling the products, as a reseller you may too. However, if the company simply thought they would sell more products within a specific time and they ran out of time- you may just hit the jackpot! Either way, it’s best to know the risks before buying truckloads of shelf pull inventory!

Another thing to bear in mind is that some shelf pulls may have been handled a bit more than other categories of liquidation and, therefore, may need a bit more care in preparation. Typically, shelf pulls have been marked down multiple times and may need more price tags removed to be suitable and ready for resale. Also, since most of the items were sent back from a retailer to a centralized warehouse, they can show signs of heavy handling. Packaging on shelf pulls may be scratched, damaged or even destroyed. However, with a bit of finessing, most shelf pulls can be repurposed, providing extraordinary value for the reseller!

While shelf pulls do have a few cons, we feel they’re one of the best category buys in the liquidation business. And, with American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc., you’ll find our shelf pull lots to be an outstanding value, priced below industry standards!

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