Within every industry, trends ebb and flow. And with the ebbing and flowing of the trends comes products that are hot and some whose hotness has gotten, well, cool.

Unfortunately, companies don’t have a crystal ball to predict which products in their inventory will die a slow death and which will be choked-off rather quickly. Sometimes that means companies will accumulate a storehouse of items in a remote corner of their warehouse which sit and collect dusts for what can be a rather long period of time, in terms of the retail world.

What is Salvage?

That’s where American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc. rushes in to the rescue! In the liquidation industry, these items are called “salvage”. While the word alone may conjure up images of broken, heaps of junk, salvage items are anything but! Matter of fact, they can be one of the most profitable items to stock your brick and mortar or virtual store with. Salvage simply means that the company has lost track of the real value of the goods and, in some cases, may have even lost track of what the goods actually are.

To AML and our customers, this represents an opportunity for some awesome profit margins! Not only do most companies sell us these truckloads blindly, they sell them for a mere pittance of their value. After all, if companies don’t know the value of what’s sitting on that pallet in an unused portion of their warehouse, they’re unlikely to invest the resources of their employees’ time and their investors’ money to inventory those items simply to assign a value to them. Instead, they call the liquidation experts, American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc. and make us an offer we can’t refuse!

Because of our reputation, experience and buying power within the liquidation industry we are able to negotiate the prices of these salvage items down to below industry norms. We then pass these incredible savings to our customers, helping them increase their business and profits.

Some individuals consider salvage items to be risky business. At AML, we consider salvage items to be among the best buys in terms of increasing your bottom line. While you may find some liquidation companies who save the best stuff for themselves, you’ll never find that at American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc. We’re in the wholesale business, not the retail business.

Why You Can Trust Us

And, our business depends upon the success of YOUR business! We vow to not compete with our customers for business!

Regardless of your niche, American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc. can secure salvage items within nearly every category including apparel for all ages, lawn and garden products, sporting goods, electronics and even toys.

For specific requests, please either call us at 251-970-1100 or drop us an email.

Let AML help increase your business’ bottom line through salvage liquidation buyouts!

First Time Buyer or Pro, We Can Help You!


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