Buy Liquidation PalletsAmerican Merchandise Liquidators Inc., feels that everyone should have an equal shot at success for their business, be it eBay resellers or big, overstock stores. That’s why we provide a variety of quantities suited for each business model.

Whether you’re looking for truckloads of inventory or simply one or two pallets also known as skids, AML can accommodate your needs. When we speak of pallets, we don’t mean the actual wood that’s used to contain your shipment. Sometimes, your shipment may be shipped without the wooden pallet- the liquidation industry still calls that a pallet shipment. After all, American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc. doesn’t sell the actual wooden pallets- we sell the incredible merchandise that is loaded on them!

Buy Liquidation Pallets at PalletBid.comOur pallet liquidation shipments are also sometimes referred to as less than truckload quantities (LTL). Our LTL quantities offer incredible value for the lower volume reseller. And, AML ships pallets of every category, including catalog & customer returns, overstocks, shelf pulls, salvage, surplus and dotcom returns. Some of our pallet shipments include manifest documents, listing each item contained in the pallet. However, most salvage and surplus shipments won’t have a full manifest list, BUT as a result, the price will be considerably lower on shipments without manifests which translates into more profit for your growing resell business!

At American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc., we want to help you maximize the profitability of each load, and earn your respect, while gaining your repeat business. That’s one of the reasons we strive hard to help you in your resell business by providing high quality merchandise at below industry standard pricing. In addition, when you become an AML customer, we provide step-by-step guidance on how to grow and scale your business within your given resources.

When you receive your pallet shipment from AML, you can expect that a portion will be waste, meaning items that are less than desirable and, alone are unsalable. While some new resellers may consider waste a pure loss, seasoned resellers and overstock stores consider this opportunity. For example, waste items aren’t necessarily items that are completely destroyed. Some items may be missing pieces, soiled or portions of the inventory may be broken. Savvy resellers save these items and use them as spare parts to maximize the profits of their future pallet shipments!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro in the resell liquidation business or a newbie seeking to get your feet wet, our pallet shipments provide outstanding value for your resell business and the perfect opportunity to grow your business at the pace that’s most comfortable to you! At American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc. we’re committed to your success and want to help you build your resell business piece by piece!

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