Perhaps you’ve seen a store in your area advertising outrageous pricing on “overstocks”?  Maybe you’ve wondered what an overstock is, exactly, and how you can get a piece of that pie?

Many times, a company will order far too much inventory than they sell within a specific period of time, leaving them with excess product.  The liquidation industry refers to these items as overstocks and closeouts.  And, American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc. is your one-stop source for overstocks and closeouts!

AML acts as your wholesaler and takes the guesswork out of overstocks for your business.  Generally, overstocks and closeout products are brand new items, in first-quality condition but may be a little shelf worn.

Typically these overstock items tend to be less varied in their assortment, tend to come from one manufacturer and each pallet, truckload or lot tends to be from one main category.  One of the best parts about overstocks and closeouts is that they are generally in 100% new condition, retail ready, with no excessive signs of handling.

AML negotiates with manufactures and retail companies to secure these overstocks and closeouts at a fraction of the cost and always below industry norms.  Because of the outstanding condition of most of overstocks and closeouts, your business can quickly inventory the products and have them ready for sale immediately, eliminating the need for additional employees’ time resources, which means immediate profit for your business!

Closeouts and overstocks can be a boon for your business!  As noted in many cities across America, closeout and overstock retail stores are cropping up and, many well-established online retailers are branding their own versions of overstocks on their websites.  This speaks volumes on the profitability of closeouts and overstocks for your business, provided you are able to secure them at rock-bottom, below-liquidation industry prices.

The sheer buying volume of AML allows us the ability to negotiate the best prices and pass those savings onto you.

If you’re new to the wholesale and liquidation business, feel free to stop by our facility in Foley, AL and see what kind of overstocks, closeouts, shelf-pulls, and catalog and customer returns we have that interest you and are suitable for your particular industry.  Our friendly staff will assist you in anyway possible to get your business started and moving in the right direction.

Our business is making your business successful by providing you with high-quality wholesale products at a fraction of the industry norm.  Let us help make your business successful!

First Time Buyer or Pro, We Can Help You!


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