With the boom of internet business and e-tailers also comes a bit of a drawback, for those dotcoms: returns. However, for those in the resale business, it’s a boon!

Dotcom Returns

In the liquidation industry, there are two types of returns: retail returns and e-commerce / online returns (“dotcom returns”). While it’s true, both sets of merchandise have been in the possession of another person, dotcom returns tend to be goods close in quality to closeouts and shelf pulls, but at a lower cost than the higher quality items.

Next Best Thing to Overstocks

Most dotcom returns don’t require repackaging or repairing and most returns are due to buyer’s remorse- ordering the wrong color, or ordering the wrong size- generally nothing related to the product’s quality. Therefore, most items that are returned from a dotcom e-tailer are higher quality than average, particularly returns from a brick and mortar store and, better yet, most of the new products that are dotcom returns come in their original packaging. And, higher quality merchandise allows resellers the ability to price items at a higher price, netting more profit for your business!

Some may be a bit hesitant to purchase dotcom returns and that’s understandable. After all, dotcom returns are still products that have been returned. However, if you decide to delve into the dotcom return world, don’t judge the whole dotcom return landscape by just one pallet. Sometimes it’s hit or miss- you may get unlucky and the first pallet you receive may have an unusually high percentage of products that are unsellable. On the other hand, you might strike pure gold and hit a home run with every pallet. That’s just part of the fun of reselling liquidation items- you never know what you’ll receive for certain.

Dotcom Returns are the next best thing to Overstocks!

Manifested Pallets & Truckloads

While you never know exactly what you’ll receive in a dotcom return pallet, there are ways to minimize your risks. Most of our dotcom return pallets have manifests to browse prior to purchasing which can reveal a lot of information to you such as the original product price. This helps you to get a good feel of what your profit margin may be for particular items. For the dotcom pallets that don’t have manifests, they are generally offered at a lower overall price.

Although there’s no guarantees with any business model, dotcom returns can add a lot of value to your bottom line and allow you to build a reputable, long-term business. With products in categories ranging from lawn and garden, automotive, clothing, and general merchandise, you’re sure to find something great for your resale business!

So, if you’re looking for great merchandise, with a high percentage of salability, dotcom returns from American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc. just might be the answer for your resale business, be it eBay or an off-price retail, overstock or liquidation store.

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