Most “Big Box Stores” find that one of the largest profit-eating monsters within their business is customer and catalog returns. This leaves companies and big-box retailers with a challenge: they can either invest additional resources through employee labor and maintenance and organization of inventory databases to process and categorize those returns or they can turn to the industry catalog and customer return liquidation experts at American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc.

Fortunately for our business (and yours!) many companies and big-box retailers opt to enlist our expertise and consider their customer returns a write-off chalking it up as a part of their cost of doing business. This creates an enormous opportunity for both AML and our customers- we’re able to negotiate rock-bottom prices for their catalog and customer returns, enabling us to pass on the tremendous savings to you.

In order for a product to be considered a return, it must have been sold initially. In other words, at one point in time there was a market for the product and, solid business sense tells us there should be a space in the marketplace for that product again, depending on the condition of the item.

As a consumer, you’re well aware of the nature of returns. Sometimes a customer makes a return for a simple reason- such as they have a duplicate of an item, they changed their mind or at the end of the day, they simply couldn’t justify the cost of the item. Other times, customers return items because the products were missing pieces directly from the manufacturer or because the item didn’t work as advertised. For companies and big-box retailers, the reasons don’t necessarily matter. They lump them all into one group, designate the products as catalog or customer returns and call us to rescue that inventory!

Some of our customers may view catalog returns and customer returns as a double-edge sword. But, since American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc. doesn’t retail products, we put that worry to rest! Some liquidators wholesale and retail products, leaving their wholesale customers lots that have been cherry-picked and, many times, with a shipment that is barely saleable, driving their costs up and their profits down. When you purchase catalog and customer returns from American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc., you can be certain that your truckload, pallet, or block won’t have the “good” items removed, leaving you with product that has to be repaired prior to sale or is unsellable altogether.. We are in business to help your business grow and increase its profits!

If you have special requirements or particular items that would be a better fit for your marketplace, feel free to contact AML and give us the opportunity to help you out!

Our business is providing quality products at below-industry pricing to help your business increase its profit margins!

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