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What is a “Pallet” of Liquidation Merchandise?

Pallets of Liquidation MerchandiseWhat is a pallet?

Well an accurate description of a pallet is typically a flat structure made of wood or plastic, and in some cases metal or paper, which can support a variety of merchandise/goods in a stable manner while being lifted and moved by a forklift or pallet jack.

The merchandise/goods are placed on top of the pallet, and usually secured to it by straps or stretch-wrapped plastic film. A pallet is sometimes called a skid. A Standard pallet measures about 40 inches by 48 inches by 5 inches.

Are you selling Pallets?

Yes and No, what we are selling is merchandise that is stacked on pallets. In the liquidation industry, the term pallet is used to refer to a “pallet of merchandise”: e.g. tool palletgeneral merchandise palletsporting goods pallet etc.

Depending on the merchandise, the size of the pallets and the length of the truck, a full truckload can be 48 pallets (24 double stacked pallets) or more.

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