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Preserving Your Privacy by Removing Labels: Cutting the Tags

AML brand preservationAt AML, preserving our customers’ privacy is our top priority. We understand that liquidating merchandise that didn’t sell or that was returned can be tricky business – you need to offload the product and turn some kind of profit, but you don’t want your customers stumbling upon your product somewhere you don’t control.

That’s why we take special effort to work with our clients to remove all labels and identifying marks off merchandise we buy from you. Sure – it’s in our contract, but we take great care to ensure our customers that we – and the people we sell to – are vigilant when it comes to removing their name from products we resell.

We cut the tags. We buff out the name. But we keep your brand intact.

That’s one of the biggest parts of our business – ensuring YOUR business keeps its hard-earned identity.

Still unsure about working with us? Our friendly sales representatives can answer any questions you may have about how we work. They’ll even show you their bright, shiny scissors.

American Merchandise Liquidators (AML) is trusted by companies worldwide to move millions of dollars in distressed merchandise. Founded in 1992, AML is a wholesale supplier of customer returns, closeouts and overstock merchandise from leading department stores, manufacturers, importers and wholesalers. AML specializes in buying and selling general merchandise and clothing in truckload and pallet quantities, at below-wholesale prices, and has one of the largest inventories in the business. Learn more at www.amlinc.com