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How to Buy Liquidation Merchandise

If you’re considering getting into the business of buying liquidation merchandise for your store, here are some terms you should be familiar with:

  1. “The Truckload”: (often referred to as a “container”) Trailers vary in length from 40 feet to 53 feet. An average truckload will contain the equivalent of 22 to 24 pallets.
  2. “The Pallet”: (also referred to as a “skid”) A pallet is made of wood and is used to contain boxes. The pallet is used to enable a forklift to move the merchandise. Occasionally the contents are shipped without the actual wood pallet, though it is still referred to as a pallet.
  3. “The Block”: A block (sometimes referred to as a “lot”), will be two or more pallets which are listed on one inventory list. A block could contain up to a truckload and often more than one truckload.

What is a manifest?

A manifest is a list and a Measure of merchandise. Some manifests will also list the wholesale cost or retail price of each item.