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Do you accept wire transfers for larger purchases?

Yes, once you’ve paid the 10% deposit online we can send details to complete the invoice payment with a wire transfer.

Please note there are fees associated with credit card payments.

Do you charge tax on purchases?

There are new laws in place which require online sellers to collect state sales tax. If you are tax exempt, no sales tax will be charged. Proof of tax exemption is required when setting up your account.

What tax documents do I need to purchase from AML?

If you have a business through which you are purchasing products for resale, you should have a reseller’s permit, also known as a resale number, reseller’s license, or sales tax identification number.

This permit allows you to collect and remit sales tax to your state Department of Revenue. A resale number will also allow you to purchase items from wholesalers and distributors without paying sales tax.

American Merchandise Liquidators Inc sells in volume to dealers on a wholesale level. We do not retail on this website. We do not collect sales tax.

Wholesale customers must provide us with the proper tax documentation.

In order to make a purchase on this site you must first obtain a resale Tax Number from your state.