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Live dealer auction for wholesale liquidation merchandise

Gearing up for live dealer auctions

For years many of our wholesale customers have asked why AML is not having live dealer auctions. It seems that they were traveling to far away areas to attend various dealer auctions in search of wholesale liquidation merchandise. Many believed the Gulf Coast area could use a quality dealer auction.  

The management at AML began to think maybe it’s not a bad idea. The diverse inventory that AML stocks in the Foley, AL warehouse, could offer an attractive variety to auction goers. AML decided to proceed with the idea. Inventory was shifted and room was made inside the warehouse to accommodate the crowd.     

The market test began. Three live auctions were held in November and December of 2015. They were very successful sell outs. More than 300 pallets and lots were sold.

AML decided to move forward in 2016 with one live auction per month. It was decided that the dates would fall on the second Thursday of each month. Each auction will feature a minimum of 100 pallet / lots of assorted categories. Everything to be sold in bulk.

AML has contracts with Tool & Equipment suppliers, as well as suppliers of General Merchandise. Huge volumes.  AML has already sold THOUSANDS of truckloads of assorted merchandise. AML stocks an average of 50 truckloads in Foley, AL. We also sell truckload volumes shipped direct to the customer.

If you are in the business of buying and reselling, if you have a store or sell online or at flea markets, you should visit one of these auctions. Bring your trucks and trailers. Enjoy the area while you are here. There are many attractions along the gulf coast.

For more information please visit www.palletbidlive.com

Dealer Auction wholesale merchandise
Live dealer auction for wholesale liquidation merchandise