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Bulk General Merchandise Available!

Bulk General Merchandise Truckloads Available

Incredible Offer On Bulk Non-Manifested Loads Shipped Direct!

These Bulk General Merchandise Loads Are Customer Approved!
Bulk Loads Have Netted Our Customers Huge Values! These Loads
Usually Have A Lower Price For A Lot More Wholesale Value Than
Our Normal Manifested Loads, And Still Contain A Great Variety!

These Loads Won’t Last Long!

Load # Wholesale Value Customer Price FOB
AC2IN-42541-337T3 Bulk Load ($30K-$35K) Special Offer $5,500.00
(+ $500.00 Off Freight)
AC2IN-42592-340T3 Bulk Load ($35K-$40K) $5,995.00 IN
AC2IN-42601-340T3 Bulk Load ($35K-$40K) $5,995.00 IN
AC2IN-42682-340T3 Bulk Load ($35K-$40K) $5,995.00 IN
AC2IN-42790-340 Bulk Load ($35K-$40K) $5,995.00 IN
AC2IN-42809-344 Bulk Load ($35K-$40K) $5,995.00 IN
AC2IN-42851-346 Bulk Load ($35K-$40K) $5,995.00 IN
AC2IN-42852-346 Bulk Load ($35K-$40K) $5,995.00 IN

All Loads Are First Come, First Served

Pallets Not For Individual Sale, Truckload Offers Only,
Distribution Agreements Apply, Bulk Loads Are Non-Manifested

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