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Why do customer returns fly off the shelf?

It seems that customer returns are flying off the shelf. Savvy shoppers can’t get enough. Why would someone buy items that were once returned? Where is the value?

To qualify as a return, the item must first be sold. If it was once sold, someone once had a desire for the item. If there was once a desire, chances are the item will sell again, if it’s in good condition.

To further make the item attractive to buyers it can be discounted. The average cost of customer returns to the reseller is approximately 20-25% of the original cost.

At this rate there is room for a healthy profit while offering value to retail shoppers. Assorted mixed returns are attractive to resell investors and to discount minded shoppers. Returned items were once prized purchases of highly experienced buyers within large retail corporations. Their jobs were dependant upon making wise purchasing decisions.