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What Exactly IS Dot Com Merchandise?

1Dot Com Merchandise is exactly what it sounds like – goods that were originally sold online! It’s returns, clearance and overstock merchandise from any number of online retailers. While Dot Com Merchandise is considered Return/Liquidation product, there are a few caveats to be aware of that are incredibly beneficial to businesses looking to purchase this merchandise.

Reasons for returns vary from item to item, and can be minor cosmetic reasons to more major function reasons. On most typical General Merchandise Returns loads, the reasons could be that the original customer ordered the wrong color or type, was dissatisfied with the product or the product’s cost, or the product had a missing function or was otherwise damaged or defective.  The consumer could have found a better deal elsewhere, purchased multiples as gifts or received the product as a gift. There could be a slew of other reasons that could all potentially lead to torn boxes and packaging, item damage or other problems that can prove to be a hassle for most liquidation buyers.

Because of the nature of returns on most online purchases, however, we find that most Dot Com Merchandise is returned for being the wrong type or color, or not being the right fit for the customer. This leads to low damage, clean-looking packaged returns and more functional merchandise on most of these loads overall.

While rewards can be high with normal customer returns, Dot Com Merchandise tends to be less risky. The perfect balance is often found in mixed loads of normal customer returns that can yield high margins for business owners that include a generous 20-30 percent mix of Dot Com Merchandise that is usually higher end and has a lower damage threshold.

Dot Com Merchandise also tends to include a better mix of larger items, which can help a mixed load of Customer Returns, creating more “Big Ticket” Merchandise that can attract customers and keep them coming back for more!

AML’s new General Merchandise Prime Loads are a terrific mix of Customer Returns, Clearance and Dot Com (or “E-Comm”) Merchandise that creates a great balance of product while offering consumers the chance to purchase all-in-one.

American Merchandise Liquidators (AML) is trusted by companies worldwide to move millions of dollars in distressed merchandise. Founded in 1992, AML is a wholesale supplier of customer returns, closeouts and overstock merchandise from leading department stores, manufacturers, importers and wholesalers. AML specializes in buying and selling general merchandise and clothing in truckload and pallet quantities, at below-wholesale prices, and has one of the largest inventories in the business. Learn more atwww.amlinc.com.