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#1 Best Selling Load At AML, Inc. – General Merchandise Loads

Look Who’s #1 On The Best Seller List!

Quality General Merchandise Truckloads That Just Can’t Be Beat

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What makes this merchandise so special that everyone wants it?

These truckloads feature a huge variety of merchandise from housewares to
domestics, electronics, toys & games, lawn & garden, and more!
Buy bulk or manifested General Merchandise at a low cost, and low risk!

These loads could feature a large number of items
with medium to high wholesale values, adding up to a huge retail price.
Larger wholesale items can lead to decreased processing time!

These offers have proved to be incredibly profitable for many of our customers.
We’ve listed some percentages on one of these loads below as an example:

Load #: E2IN-38182-165

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A Total Item Quantity of 2,754 Items

Items $5 or Less in Whlsl: Apx. $3,436.71 or 10% of Truckload

Items $5-$10 in Whlsl: Apx. $3,399.55 or 10% of Truckload

Items $10-$20 in Whlsl: Apx. $5,027.01 or 15% of Truckload

Items $20 or More in Whlsl: Apx. $21,940.63 or 65% of Truckload

26 Pallet Load – Apx. Value of $33,803.89

Customer Cost Only $6,422.74

Key Features That Make These The Best:

  • Many of our customers sell these loads at up to 30% below wholesale
    and still report huge profits.
  • If you sold only the items in the $10 to $20 or more range at only 50%
    of wholesale you could potentially double your profits. Even more so
    at 70% of wholesale!
  • The majority of your investment return on this load is in the $10 to $20
    or more range. That’s 80% of the load!

These Loads Also Have No Geographical Restrictions!

Thank You For Making This Product #1!

*Full Truckloads, Pallets Not Sold Separately, Bulk Loads Are Non-Manifested,
Values Based On Wholesale, Subject To Prior Sale

FOB Indiana

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