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Tools & Equipment Truckload AL 1311

Online store returns tools & equipment truckload. Each truckload is different. Each load contains an assortment of online and store returns /clearance items (large and small). You pay only a percentage of the original cost per item.

This truckload contains nearly $110,000 in retail value, with retail values as high as $1,299

This is a list of actual items from the manifest:

Milwaukee Panel Saw, Honda Self-Priming Construction Trash Water Pump, 5HP 60 Gallon Electric Air Compressor, Generac 10,000 Watt Port. Electric Start Generator, Tow-Behind Trailer Boom Broadcast and Spot Sprayer, Gas Cold Water 3,100 PSI Pressure Washer, 30″ Oscillating Fan, Composite Impact Wrench and more!

There are areas which we cannot ship this product. It is our goal not to ship within 100 miles of their retail stores.

Images are for illustration only. See manifest for load details.

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Typical finds on one of these load types include: Tools, equipment, air compressors, generators, extension cords, air hoses, small trailers, lawn and garden, hammers, power tools, impact wrench, pallet jacks, floor jacks, hand tools, sockets, cement mixer, sheet metal bender, pipe, bender, pipe threader, band saws, mitre saws, tile saws, chop saws, bush hog, chippers, hose reels, meat processing equipment, small engines, water pumps, trash pumps, sprayers, containers, electric motors, hydraulic pumps, etc. All images are for illustration only, please see manifest for actual contents.

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