General Merchandise Returns & Clearance Truckload – IN – 118840-21.266

This is a truckload of assorted general merchandise returns from America’s original superstore. This truckload has approximately 26 pallets and is sold for a set percentage of manifested retail value

Truckloads typically contain a lot of Clearance and Overstocks!

FREE – Up to $5,000 in Retail Value on this load.

Nice mix of small appliances and housewares on this truckload, plus toys, outdoor products, home decor and more! Over $150,000 in retail value for just pennies on the dollar!

These truckloads are typically a fantastic mix of customer returns, shelf-pulls, clearance and overstocks. This truckload could contain up to $5,000 in FREE merchandise (product that will be on the load, but not on the manifest).

FOB for this truckload is Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Product code:

E2IN-118840-21.266-T1 (F)