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General Merchandise Returns/Clearance T/L – Vendor Brands – IN – E2INV-146601-23.254

This is an estimated 26 pallet non-manifested truckload of vendor label general merchandise located in Indiana.

Estimated $100,000+ in retail value.

Non-Manifested (Bulk) Truckload

FOB: Indiana

An assorted mix of Returns, Shelf-Pulls, Overstocks and Clearance

Items you could find on this load include:

3 Piece Outdoor Seating, Cornhole Set, 12’ Hammock Combo Set, Market Umbrella, Straight Leg Canopy, Painted Glass Dining Table, Quad Fold Wagon, Padded Swivel Chair, Square Charcoal Grill, 30QT Stock Pot, Silver Finish Counter Stool, Outdoor Love Seat, Stockpot with Steamer, Zero Gravity Sling Recliner, 18” Doll Kitchen Set, 20” Metal Fan, Mesh Director Chair, Commercial G40 Globe Light, Solar Hedgehog, Ultra-Light High Back Camp Chair, Large Wood Wall Clock, Solar Bird Bath Fountain Kit, LED Lantern, Yellow Planter with Metal Stand, 14” Portable Grill, Adjustable Floor Lamp, 16/3 100’ Extension Cord, Double Fire Iron Pie Cooker, Bath 3-in-1 Combo Set, Table Base Driftwood, Tie Dye Chair, Cast Iron Griddle, 20” Fall Pillow Harvest, Yard Wooden Dice Set, LED Gooseneck Desk Lamp, 12” Fry Pan, Active Weighted Fitness Ball, 14” Baby Bed & Bath Set, Gourmet Bagel Slicer, Giant Golf Caddy, 12” Desk Fan, 13” Water Blaster, 7” Metal Solar Bird, Potato Ricer with Soft Handle, Textured Drum Shade, Canvas Artist Tote, 26” Racket Set, Wall Artwork, Stainless Strainers with Handles, Stainless Collanders Set of 3, Club Baseball Glove, “Kitchen Rules” Wooden Sign, Angel Food Cake Pan, Large Sketchbook, Journals, Coffee Grinder, Active Message, Adult Swim Mask & Snorkel, Oversized Grill Brush, Table Décor, 36pc First Aid Kit, 24” Oversized Ball & Bat, Heat Resistant Mitt, Artist Canvas Artist Pouch, 10×14 Bamboo Board, Stainless Steel 5pc Measuring Spoons, LED Clip Lamp, Active Sauna Suit, Diaper Bag, 6pc Locker Set, Gourmet Can Opener, Clip-On Chair Umbrella, Bamboo Wooden Spoons, Party Decorating Kit, Multipurpose Paper, Stainless Steel Tongs, Roasting Forks Garlic Press, Super Heavy Weight Hanger, Kids Snorkel Set, Corn Holders, 9pk Multi Kraft Bag, 6pk Stretch Cords, Metallic School Box, Resistance Stretch Cords, Silicone Basting Brush, Camping Plastic Egg Carrier, Acrylic Cake Topper, Binder Pouch, Bamboo Craft Bowl, 12×12 Pop-Up Canopy and more!

Your cost is just pennies on the dollar!

Due to vendor restrictions, these PRIVATE LABEL loads cannot ship into the following States: California; Illinois; Indiana; Kentucky; Maine; Michigan; Missouri; Ohio; Oregon; Vermont; Washington; Wisconsin

Always consider the cost of shipping when making a decision. For freight quotes, contact us at [email protected] or calling Monday-Friday (8:30am to 5:00pm cst) 251-970-1100

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