Monthly Archives: July 2014

Starting a Resale Business: Bringing AML into Your Kitchen

Starting a resale business is kind of like making muffins from scratch – it’s a lot harder than it looks, and it never hurts to have help from someone who has done it before. Luckily for you, AML has done … Continued

What Exactly IS Dot Com Merchandise?

Dot Com Merchandise is exactly what it sounds like – goods that were originally sold online! It’s returns, clearance and overstock merchandise from any number of online retailers. While Dot Com Merchandise is considered Return/Liquidation product, there are a few … Continued

Fuel Based Shipping: A Non-Weighty Deal for Mom and Pop

At AML, we know how important family is, because we treat our customers like our own. AML works every day to give your business the best deal possible, so you can keep your family-run Mom and Pop store in the … Continued