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How to Export Liquidation Merchandise

Growing Your Business By Exporting One of the most often overlooked successes within the liquidation industry involves exporting store returns and overstock merchandise. There are many sources in the United States (department stores, catalogs, websites, etc.) that require their liquidated … Continued

Reduced! Air Compressors & Accessories Liquidation

Manufacturer Overstocks Steeply Reduced Brand New In Box Air Compressors & Accessories Pick & Choose • Prices Based on $7,000 Mininum Item Description Qty Available MSRP Your Cost HC2010 2HP 10gal tank 39 $169.00 $73.63 HC2020 2HP 20gal tank 15 … Continued

Liquidation Construction Tools Truckload

Construction & Builders Truckload This company manufactures construction and job site grade tools for a well known online/catalog and retail company. We have a long standing exclusive agreement with this major manufacturer of Tools & Equipment, meaning we can offer … Continued

What to Expect from Our Catalog Returns Tools & Equipment Truckloads

Mail Order Tools & Equipment Truckloads This product is derived from an exclusive relationship that we have maintained for several years and equates to multiple truckloads per week. Get your lowest wholesale price from AML! We have truckloads available and ready to … Continued

Make Money Selling at Flea Markets

The current economy is causing individuals to become creative in the way they make a living for their families. And, many are turning to resell opportunities to generate additional income. What better way to do so than by reselling at … Continued