Liquidation and Retail

How to Estimate Potential Profits Before Buying Customer Returns

For Illustration Only: We do not offer investment advice. General Merchandise In the liquidation industry, we refer to mixed assortments as “General Merchandise.” When you walk into a big box store like Wal Mart , K- mart, or Mijer,  you … Continued

Nine Keys to Retail Business Success

Master these key areas of business and you will be a success. 1. Plan Your Objectives The importance of a well-thought-out business plan can’t be stressed enough. Without a plan you’re taking a long trip down an unknown road without … Continued

Rising Popularity of Liquidation Stores

All companies that retail merchandise will generate unwanted inventory from time to time. From customer returns to unsold and obsolete items, this inventory is considered distressed and must be removed to make way for the newer incoming stock. There are … Continued